5in5NYC Ep 07 – 10Gen & Friends: MongoDB, Bitfloor, NextBigSound, Crowdtap, & Art.sy


We’re extremely excited about this episode of 5in5NYC – not only did we get a chance to speak with Meghan Gill from 10Gen (who make the insanely popular NoSQL database MongoDB), she helped us put together a star-studded show of amazing NYC startups building on MongoDB themselves! Huge thanks to Meghan and to each of the participants.

  • 10Gen  – the MongoDB company!
  • bitfloorProfessional bitcoin exchange
  • nextbigsoundActionable intelligence for the music industry
  • crowdtapEnabling leading brands to easily identify, activate and manage their influential consumers
  • artsyDiscover art you’ll love, featuring work from leading galleries, museums and private collections around the world

5in5 Reviews: Smallknot – keeping your community tightly knit

Smallknot has upped the ante for social lending, making it possible for you to directly support the small businesses in your neighborhood.

Instead of relying on big banks for loans, the small businesses that give our local neighborhoods their personality can use Smallknot to ask for help directly. It creates a personal bond between business owner and the consumers, and the consumers get to see their money being put to good use – a little bit “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” combined with community outreach.

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5in5 Review: Docracy: Don’t find yourself in a legal bind

Docracy is an web service that offers an open, collaborative database of legal documents.  You may not be in need of one right now, but there are plenty of situations that could arise that you will, and hiring a lawyer to draft one for you can be very pricey.  Docracy gives you that service for free, just search their database of documents created by professionals and your peers to fit your needs.  Find a document, edit it and even sign it right there.

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5in5NYC Ep 06 – NeverLikedItAnyway, FloatSchedule, Bizodo, and Contently


On this episode:

NeverLikedItAnyway – a marketplace to sell gifts from ex-lovers, buy break-up bargains, and find relationship advice and tips.

FloatSchedule – Schedule your team’s time to your client’s projects. Built from the ground up for agencies, studios and firms.

Contently – Empowering And Connecting Quality Writers And Brands.

Bizodo – A point and click online form builder that helps you collect and manage info with ease.

Huge thanks to Adam at Rackspace for connecting 5in5NYC to amazing NY startups.
Rackspace provides amazing discounts (read: free hosting!) and programs for startups through it’s RackspaceStartups program, you should check it out.

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5in5 Review: Muck Rack – Verified news in one place & tools to connect with journalists

I find, more often than not, that I become aware of breaking news from my Twitter account.  Most recently, the unfortunate passing of Adam “MCA” Yauch.  Several tweets posted to my feed and #ripmca started trending.  Given my admiration for the rapper and my knowledge of celebrity death hoaxes via Twitter before, I googled it to make sure it was actually true, which I found out it was indeed.  Twitter has become, whether you like it or not, a new site, but with sometimes questionable credibility.  This is where Muck Rack comes in.  A website that, as their tagline says, offers the news of tomorrow today by gathering the tweets from verified journalists.

Muck Rack gives you the ability to see what is happening based on whats trending, top stories or from top publications.  The trends tend to be more news based rather than #idontunderstandwhy or #worstpickuplines.  Ugh, I just broke a nail while typing this entry out, there goes my french manicure #whitegirlproblems.  Anyways, although Muck Rack is a site for anyone, its also a great tool for journalists. Once you become a verified user than you have access to a place to earn more followers, keep up with what your colleagues are saying and receive the Muck Rack Daily in your email.

See what journalists are saying in real time all in one place.  Muck Rack’s advantage over your twitter feed is the verified journalists posting about real news and not just some comedian’s opinion (although I highly recommend following Michael Ian Black.)

For startups (or anyone with news to share) MuckRack Pro gives you a leg-up by providing lists of journalists who cover nearly every topic and tools to follow and engage with them. By engaging in conversation with the journalists on your beat before you have news, your far more likely to get coverage when you have something to share.


5in5NYC Ep 05 – Handshake, Easybib, InsuranceZebra and ShuttleCloud


Handshake – Beautiful B2B sales on your iPad. Never write another order by hand.
Easybib –
 Free automatic bibliography and citation maker.
InsuranceZebra –
 Compare car insurance instantly.
ShuttleCloud – 
The easiest way to migrate email to Google Apps and transfer data between Google Apps accounts.

Huge thanks to Adam at Rackspace for connecting 5in5NYC to amazing NY startups.
Rackspace provides amazing discounts (read: free hosting!) and programs for startups through it’s RackspaceStartups program, you should check it out.

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5in5 Reviews: InsideDigs: Inside track for apartment hunters

There were two things that I always loved about trick or treating.  First, obviously, was the abundance of candy, but secondly was getting a glimpse into someone’s house for those few minutes.  I would aimlessly stick my hand into the bowl, (come on, let’s face it, candy is candy) and take a peek around the person’s house.  This was just due to my sheer morbid curiosity, but when I became an apartment renter those glimpses would be followed by thoughts of, “I wonder if they have a washer and dryer in the basement, how big is their backyard, is it oil or gas heat?”  InsideDigs gives you an intimate look inside to what could be your next apartment.

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5in5 Reviews: Huntsy: Happy Hunting!

Job searching can be an emotionally exhausting experience, take it from me – I’ve been on the hunt (pardon the pun) for months now.  Refreshing multiple job board each morning, surfing through the endless tabs I have open for each prospective job, and the nagging question of, “did I apply to that one yet?”  As is true with every job, organization should be a high priority for job hunting.

Huntsy gets your on the right track in three easy steps:

“Search your favorite job listing sites as usual.
Click the Huntsy extension when you find job you like.
Save it to Huntsy, stay organized, get reminders, and more.”

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5in5 Review: Favorly: Help me, help you.

Favorly has made lending a hand a fun and social event. Assemble a network of your peers to help you out, or volunteer your time and skills to help someone else out.  Besides just that personal sense of accomplishment, you can also get rewarded with badges and karma points which later could help you out later when you need to ask a favor – you’ll be more well known and people may be more inclined to help you.

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