5in5NYC Episode 01 – Shapeways, Songza, Scrollkit, Graphient, and Timehop!

5in5NYC features 5 startups in 5 minutes each!

We created 5in5NYC to provide a new, positive outlet for NYC startups. We’ll be featuring 5 startups each week, and giving them a chance to share what they’re building, answer questions, and interact with each other.

If you’d like your startup featured on an upcoming episode, send us an email to: me AT ericskiff.com



Shapeways – On demand 3D printing, with a HUGE announcement in this episode!

Songza – Awesome curated music playlists for any moment in your life.

Scrollkit – Instant drag & drop webpage creation.

Graphient – Advanced graphing for any time-based data.

Timehop – Instant nostalgia in the form of daily emails replaying your life from a year ago.


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  • Mary

    How does timehop handle unwanted memories? Like death, unemployment, etc.  

    • Mary

      I’m not trying to jump on the idea.  In the past I’ve had difficulty with facebook reminding me to check in on deceased friends and family.