5in5NYC Episode 02 – Favorly, Huntsy, InsideDigs, KoPoint, and MuckRack

5in5NYC features 5 startups in 5 minutes each! 5in5NYC is a new, positive outlet for NYC startups. We feature 5 startups each week, and give them a chance to share what they’re building, answer questions, and interact with each other.

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Favorly – Crowdsource help for your projects.

Huntsy – Tools for job hunters. Get organized and get employed.

InsideDigs – Peer to peer apartment rentals. Digs before they hit the market.

KoPoint – Hard news, dirty politics, and civilized propaganda.

MuckRack – Easily find journalists talking about your company, competitors, and industry in real time. 

The theme that emerged during this episode was that each of these startups provide help. Favorly helps you find people who want to help out with your projects. Huntsy helps you stay organized when finding a job. InsideDigs helps you find your next apartment (and help others by listing your own). KoPoint helps you make sense of the news by provide a real, human-focused discussion around it. MuckRack helps you connect with journalists in a real way so when you have news to share you’re not just another press release.

Every startup seeks to ‘solve a problem’ but it’s fantastic to see so many NYC startups being built from the founder’s desire to make things better.


5in5NYC is sponsored by Huntsy – tools for job hunters. Get organized, and get employed faster!

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