It’s time for tech news to route around damage. Again.

The ViewYou’ve likely heard the phrase “the internet routes around damage” and in many ways it’s true. When a node can’t handle the traffic going through it, traffic finds another way around. The network heals itself, and information continues to flow.

For a long time, the same was not true with news. TV channels and large publications grew huge audiences and amassed the power that goes along with it. As they became gatekeepers of information dispersal, the PR industry grew around them and began to charge for inside access.

The advent of blogging turned a good chunk of the news industry on it’s head. News audiences, dead-tree paper readership, and nearly every other metric for influence for old-media news have been on their way down for over a decade, while blogs have sprung up on every possible topic. The largest among them amassed massive readerships, pulled big sponsors, and sparked acquisitions. New empires have grown around style, gossip, tech, and more.

The cycle of disruption is endless, though. Wherever there is more information than there are channels to spread it, there is power. Where there is power, there is money to be made, and a whole ecosystem of middlemen springs up.

As it becomes easier to start companies and build apps, there is more and more news to cover. Simply put, the tech news landscape has not kept up with the amount of news that is being generated, and many startups are struggling to find their way into today’s tech publications.

It’s time to shake things up again and put the power (and responsibility) of dispersing that information back in the hands of people that are truly connected to and passionate about their subject. The existing giants in tech publishing have done well, but it’s time for a new generation of smaller, more focused publications to stand up alongside them.

That’s what 5in5NYC is, and it seems that we’ve struck a chord. Our show is booked solid with amazing startups for this week and filling up for next week already. New York needs this. The startup landscape needs it.

So, we’ve stepped up to provide this service to our fellow entrepreneurs, but I’m putting out a call for others to join us. Do this for your city, or for whatever particular niche you’re passionate about. Find the people creating new, amazing things, and give them some time in the spotlight.

Help the news route around damage. Again.


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Eric Skiff is one of the co-founders of 5in5NYC, a hacker at QLabs, and co-founder of NYCResistor and Postkin and makes free 8bit music.

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  • Robert Butler

    Wow, this is so well written.  I am very inspired by your words.  You hit the nail right on the head!  The vast empire of news publications cannot keep up with the proliferation of ideas that are emerging right now on the Internet.

    I think one thing you might consider as well is that there is an unprecedented number of opportunities now that the power has been put in the hands of the people and is no longer a privilege of the wealthy few!  So as you say, in the past news sources had to struggle with the dead-end stories in the past, unlike the past there has never been such a flood of new ideas in history.

    Keeping in mind that there are now 7 billion people on the face of the earth and they are now all connected with a global resource for communication called the “Internet”.  Never in history has such a technology existed (at least not in our history).