5in5 Reviews: Songza gets you in the mood

Have you ever wanted to listen to music but just couldn’t decide what you wanted to hear?  Scrolling endlessly through your iPod or shuffling through cd’s?

I know you have because it happens to me all the time, and in those moments I wish someone would just come along and put something on for me that I feel like listening to.  Songza has come to save the day!  Their “Music Concierge” feature is what separates it from its competitors – Songza brings new meaning to the phrase “setting the tone.”  It suggests certain playlists for you based on the time of day, your mood and specific genre preferences – and will only get smarter the more you use it.  For example, what I listen to when I work out is very different than what I listen to when I’m cleaning the house on a Sunday afternoon. And a Friday night sure has a different feeling than a Monday morning.

Along with playlists contributed by listeners, Songza has enlisted music experts to curate each playlist giving you a unique song experience, its not an algorithm choosing songs and artist it thinks you like, they KNOW you’ll like it. But in case it doesn’t strike your fancy, there is a skip limit of six but, based on my personal experience, you won’t have to worry about that because the playlists are that good.  There is also a thumbs up and thumbs down selections to customize your listening experience.

Songza has also partnered with brands to give them yet another way to connect and engage with their audiences.  The men’s lifestyle website Thrillist has created the ultimate summer playlist with an assortment of new, cool songs that they think are the perfect accompaniment “for driving with the windows down or pre-gaming for a festival (but not at the same time).”  Listening to it now, I have seemed to develop an overwhelming urge for a cold beer and a hot dog.

Like Nietzsche, I believe that life without music would be a mistake, and like Songza I also believe that good music makes good times.  Songza’s insight into the importance of a great soundtrack to any day or occasion is what gives this site a leg up on the otherwise stiff and limiting competition. And if the expert playlists and endless supply of music isn’t enough for you, how about the fact that its 100% free and there are no audio ads!

So, what music suits your mood?


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