5in5 Reviews: Timehop gives you a daily blast from the past

@Abe, Timehop's mascot

Unless you, like Heromine Granger, possess a Time Turner, I think you would find it hard to travel back in time to see what you were up to a year ago.  We all are constantly updating our social media outlets with the happenings of our daily lives – the toast you burnt on a Wednesday morning, who attended the much needed happy hour with you on a Friday and the concert you saw and where it was. Some of these events are trivial, yes, but you found it important enough to tweet about and add to the digital history that you’ve created for your life through these social networking sites.

Where we’re going we don’t need roads, but an email address would be helpful because Timehop goes through all of your social media sites and sends you a daily recap email reminding you of your life a year ago.  Much more convenient and a preventative measure against the carpel tunnel that you would sure develop if you were to scroll through all of your Twitter posts.  For those of you who are thinking, “whats the point?” Ponder this…what’s really the point of Twitter, or checking in on Foursquare or pinning on Pinterest?  To connect, to share and to stay updated.  Should all that information just get lost out in cyberspace to be forgotten about? Ah, and the point of Timehop emerges – to make all of those tweets, pins and check ins relevant.

Timehop’s reach has stretched beyond just Foursquare and now includes your Twitter and Facebook updates as well as Instagram shots, essentially gathering your entire digital history. I get my first email tomorrow and I’m excited to see what I was doing last year, without all the mess of time travel.

What were you doing/pinning/tweeting/updating about a year ago? Reconnect with your digital past and tell us about your Timehop experiences in the comments. 



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