5in5 Reviews: Huntsy: Happy Hunting!

Job searching can be an emotionally exhausting experience, take it from me – I’ve been on the hunt (pardon the pun) for months now.  Refreshing multiple job board each morning, surfing through the endless tabs I have open for each prospective job, and the nagging question of, “did I apply to that one yet?”  As is true with every job, organization should be a high priority for job hunting.

Huntsy gets your on the right track in three easy steps:

“Search your favorite job listing sites as usual.
Click the Huntsy extension when you find job you like.
Save it to Huntsy, stay organized, get reminders, and more.”

Huntsy will help guide you through the job hunt and application process keeping you organized step by step and offer friendly reminders for follow up emails or unfinished applications.  It takes the fear of forgetting what you applied to, who you emailed, when and if you emailed them out of the equation. Each new job that you add gets its own page in your profile allowing you to add job details, schedule an interview and add contacts.  This keeps all that valuable information in one place.  You can even apply to any job through Huntsy making it truly a job hunting one stop shop.  Ok, so now you’re organized and on the right track, but you still have some lingering job hunting questions.  Problem solved with the informative and helpful Huntsy Blog which I had the pleasure of blogging for a few times – (Could Your Voicemail Greeting Cost you an Interview?).

In honor of this review about Huntsy, I wore my owl belt today and maybe it will double as a good luck charm for the applications I send out today! Happy hunting!  How has Huntsy helped streamline your job search?  Share any helpful hints that you’ve pick up along the way in your job hunting below in the comments section.



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