5in5 Reviews: InsideDigs: Inside track for apartment hunters

There were two things that I always loved about trick or treating.  First, obviously, was the abundance of candy, but secondly was getting a glimpse into someone’s house for those few minutes.  I would aimlessly stick my hand into the bowl, (come on, let’s face it, candy is candy) and take a peek around the person’s house.  This was just due to my sheer morbid curiosity, but when I became an apartment renter those glimpses would be followed by thoughts of, “I wonder if they have a washer and dryer in the basement, how big is their backyard, is it oil or gas heat?”  InsideDigs gives you an intimate look inside to what could be your next apartment.

InsideDigs’ listings have a peer to peer advantage, meaning that besides your standard information like price and location, included are all the juicy tidbits that a landlord or a broker would fail to mention.  Like the noisy heating system or the man who plays the tuba next door.  Or the things you’d love about your next digs, like all the sunlight the living room gets or that the building has an elevator.  This peer-to-peer set up creates a very candid conversations about these apartments as well as the added bonus of giving each other the upper hand on grabbing it before it goes out on the market.

Other extremely convenient features are the inclusion of a map to see where exactly the apartment is located and that you can connect directly to the current renter to get further information on how to lease or sublet the available place. But by far, the best part is there are no posts by brokers, which means no broker fees!  Anyone who has worked with a broker before no doubt just got up and did a little victory dance, possibly “The Carlton“.

Inside Digs gives you the inside track to new and great apartments before they hit the market.  Honest tenant reviews, real listings and a hassle free way to find your new abode.  Tell us how you think InsideDigs has solved some problems facing apartment hunters.



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