5in5 Review: Muck Rack – Verified news in one place & tools to connect with journalists

I find, more often than not, that I become aware of breaking news from my Twitter account.  Most recently, the unfortunate passing of Adam “MCA” Yauch.  Several tweets posted to my feed and #ripmca started trending.  Given my admiration for the rapper and my knowledge of celebrity death hoaxes via Twitter before, I googled it to make sure it was actually true, which I found out it was indeed.  Twitter has become, whether you like it or not, a new site, but with sometimes questionable credibility.  This is where Muck Rack comes in.  A website that, as their tagline says, offers the news of tomorrow today by gathering the tweets from verified journalists.

Muck Rack gives you the ability to see what is happening based on whats trending, top stories or from top publications.  The trends tend to be more news based rather than #idontunderstandwhy or #worstpickuplines.  Ugh, I just broke a nail while typing this entry out, there goes my french manicure #whitegirlproblems.  Anyways, although Muck Rack is a site for anyone, its also a great tool for journalists. Once you become a verified user than you have access to a place to earn more followers, keep up with what your colleagues are saying and receive the Muck Rack Daily in your email.

See what journalists are saying in real time all in one place.  Muck Rack’s advantage over your twitter feed is the verified journalists posting about real news and not just some comedian’s opinion (although I highly recommend following Michael Ian Black.)

For startups (or anyone with news to share) MuckRack Pro gives you a leg-up by providing lists of journalists who cover nearly every topic and tools to follow and engage with them. By engaging in conversation with the journalists on your beat before you have news, your far more likely to get coverage when you have something to share.