5in5NYC Ep 07 – 10Gen & Friends: MongoDB, Bitfloor, NextBigSound, Crowdtap, & Art.sy


We’re extremely excited about this episode of 5in5NYC – not only did we get a chance to speak with Meghan Gill from 10Gen (who make the insanely popular NoSQL database MongoDB), she helped us put together a star-studded show of amazing NYC startups building on MongoDB themselves! Huge thanks to Meghan and to each of the participants.

  • 10Gen  – the MongoDB company!
  • bitfloorProfessional bitcoin exchange
  • nextbigsoundActionable intelligence for the music industry
  • crowdtapEnabling leading brands to easily identify, activate and manage their influential consumers
  • artsyDiscover art you’ll love, featuring work from leading galleries, museums and private collections around the world

5in5 Reviews: Smallknot – keeping your community tightly knit

Smallknot has upped the ante for social lending, making it possible for you to directly support the small businesses in your neighborhood.

Instead of relying on big banks for loans, the small businesses that give our local neighborhoods their personality can use Smallknot to ask for help directly. It creates a personal bond between business owner and the consumers, and the consumers get to see their money being put to good use – a little bit “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” combined with community outreach.

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5in5 Review: Docracy: Don’t find yourself in a legal bind

Docracy is an web service that offers an open, collaborative database of legal documents.  You may not be in need of one right now, but there are plenty of situations that could arise that you will, and hiring a lawyer to draft one for you can be very pricey.  Docracy gives you that service for free, just search their database of documents created by professionals and your peers to fit your needs.  Find a document, edit it and even sign it right there.

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