5in5 Review: Docracy: Don’t find yourself in a legal bind

Docracy is an web service that offers an open, collaborative database of legal documents.  You may not be in need of one right now, but there are plenty of situations that could arise that you will, and hiring a lawyer to draft one for you can be very pricey.  Docracy gives you that service for free, just search their database of documents created by professionals and your peers to fit your needs.  Find a document, edit it and even sign it right there.

How do I know a document is trustworthy?  Docracy’s unique social interaction is your indicator.  Much like Yelp reviews, you can see what others think of a document, how many are downloading it, what changes others have made.  Remember, Docracy is a FREE service for everyone and anyone who needs a good legal document fast. They have documents for lease agreements to living wills, but each document may be in need of some personal tweeking to fit your unique situation or state laws.

My idea of a legal binding document would be a note that says something like, “Please don’t screw me over. Sign Here: X________________.”  So because I know nothing about legal contracts or documents I asked my friend Alex, who is currently studying law at Quinnipiac School of Law (yay! Connecticut), what he thought about Docracy.  His response was, “Use your common sense, but sounds good to me!” So there you have it, all the confirmation you will ever need!  Not convinced?  Visit Docracy yourself and search through the documents, you may just find what you’ve been looking for.