About us

5in5NYC features 5 NYC startups every Friday, giving them 5 minutes to pitch their product, and answer questions from the hosts and their peers. At the end of the pitches, we have a final 5 minute chat where the participants get to ask each other questions and play games.

5in5NYC is run by Eric Skiff (me AT ericskiff.com) and Kunal Shah (me AT kunalashah.com). Contact us if you would like your product featured on 5in5NYC.

Eric Skiff
Eric is a co-founder of NYCResistor and Postkin.com, and is one of the hackers at QLabs.

Jenn Kish (aka @StartupJenn)
Jenn has written for BeatWeek, Tweegee, and Huntsy, and is 5in5NYC’s lead blogger. She’s obsessed with startups. You should hire her!

Kunal Shah
Kunal is a student of history, technology, and patterns. He lives in Brooklyn, NY and occasionally writes here.

5 NYC startups, 5 minutes.